Exa were founder members of the Smart City Community hosted at Canary Wharf. Founded early 2015 the community sprung out of the Cognicity Challenge www.cognicity.london gave us the opportunity to directly engage with the management at Canary Wharf to discover what are the key requirements of a future city.


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Our work in the challenge provided the key thinking behind our HelloData product. The goal of this solution is directly aligned with the challenges facing organisation such as Canary Wharf as the move from a 100% physical city into the virtual space with Smart City technology. As a company we identified that anxieties and challenges faced with this movement are routed in issues surrounding data control and management. Smart cities are set to product huge amounts of data from potentially millions of sensors and therefore pose a headache from a cyber-security and also brand management point of view.

Key questions we address in our HelloData product relate to how data can be collected and secured to prevent emerging cyber threats around identity theft and potential hack attacks on a cities infrastructure. In terms of brand we have designed a mechanism for data collection with consent putting the user at the center of any personal data processing on the site, thus ensuring brand values around service to the customer reflect as fair play in the data sphere.

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