Who we are

Exa-Informatics was founded by a collection of Data Scientists to provide innovation in the management and processing of data. We specialise in a wide range of areas linked to data processing including data security & privacy compliance, data cleaning, data integration, Blockchains and distributed data management. Our core motivation is to provide solutions that enable wide ranges of business to better exploit their data and control both its use and knowledge gained from it.

What we do

We have two main products. The first is a Data Analysis hub which can be tailored to process data from a number of environments. This hub is specialised to take into account requirements related to data privacy and security ensuring compliance with regulation. The platform can also be deployed on the Cloud and portable devices, we have a intelligent provisioning system to enable deployment taking into account user driven privacy and security requirements. This product has been designed and developed in co-operation with the UK MOD.

Our other main offering is focused on Smart City data. This platform is called Hello Data and has been developed in co-operation with Intel and the Digital Catapult and initially motivated by a partnership with Canary Wharf Group. It is a platform to link retailers and shoppers or other service providers and uses in built environments. The platform captures data with consent from users via probe requests from Smart Phones and ensures compliance with emerging ICO rules for WiFi in public places. The platform generates within a space enhanced value to retailers and provides opportunities for shoppers to discover deals. Data from the platform can also be used to better plan and manage built up space in a variety of contexts not just limited to retail.

How we do it

Using embedded and stand-alone technologies our solution delivers new infrastructure or can integrate with existing systems. Out data centric approach provides specialist mechanisms to ensure privacy and gain consent from data owners prior to data processing, thus ensuring compliance with latest data protection legislation (particularly in the EU). Our use of embedded devices is enhanced by Blockchain technology to enable data collection and logging from distributed nodes with minimal network connectivity, the use of this technology is also applied to validate nodes.


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