Our HelloData solution presents a IoT solution capable of collection and real-time analysis of large numbers of data producing nodes which are present in environments such as the Smart City. Our solution applies security and safety profiling to the data analysis enabling both the IoT administrator and IoT to feel safe and secure when operating within our trusted data sharing environment. The solution allows integration with our other tools to support data analysis and integration.

Exa Analytics 

Building on standard "Big Data" tools such as Hadoop and Apache Spark. Our product offers the customer the ability to implement rapid Big Data analytic tools within their organisation with minimal investment. We provide the customer with the ability to filer data to enable deployment of the tools on Cloud, local or hybrid (both local and Cloud) infrastructure to increase security, enhance performance and reduce resource cost.

Exa ETL Hub

Our ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) solution is capable of integrating with multiple data sources ranging from low level devices to legacy systems. The ETL hub provides the user with the ability to transform and apply mark-up to the data on collection to any defined format prior to storage or us in our analytical products. 

Exa Blockchains

Exa use Blockchain technology to validate nodes to provide trust in our temporary and distributed applications. Blockchains provide an ideal route to data transparency which is useful to ensure data aggregations are done taking into account privacy supported by community transparency around the logging of data access. Exa can create public and private chains which can be deployed into new domains which are challenge by issues of trust. 




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