Over the summer Exa have released the HelloData product that was initially on show at the Hannover Fair. The platform allows infrastructure providers (shopping centers, local authorities, hospitals etc) to gain better insight into how the space that they own is used. With consent peoples movements are tracked in the space using innovative technology in compliance with latest FCO rules. Data related to this movement can then be analysed by the owner of the space and shared (with owner consent) to bodies which rent the space i.e. retailers.

The technology is unique in that it can be installed standalone without the need for existing infrastructure or integrate with existing hardware. Presenting a HelloData portal to data owners the relationship between the data owner and the third party using it can be developed beyond the space in which it is captured. This ensures maximum value of the data and also develops a new level of insight into behavior of groups such as shoppers that is not available in current retail intelligence solutions.

A prototype of the platform is now being trialed at the Digital Catapult in conjunction with Intel and is available for trial by potential customers, if your interested in a trial please get in touch.

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